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Please read the support manual. If that doesn't answer your question, post a comment on the CodeCanyon plug-in page. If you think you found a bug, contact via my Code Canyon profile.

FotoTag Features

FotoTag is a user-friendly, highly customizable photo tagging plug-in for WordPress. It has a powerful and easy to use tags editor, supports custom styles, and integrates smoothly in WordPress posts, pages, header, sidebar...

Easy to use

  • Works with WordPress 3+ with any WordPress Theme.
  • Requires no CSS or JavaScript knowledge to use.
  • Easily integrates in any part of your WP blog.
  • Shortcodes support

Highly Customizable

  • Includes 11 pre-installed styles.
  • Styles customizable with settings forms.
  • Create your own styles with CSS and JavaScript.
  • A full and documented API is made to customize your tags.

Photo Tag editor

  • Easy and consistent tags editor.
  • Smoothly select tags with the Jcrop plug-in.
  • Edit already existing photos.

Advanced settings

  • Enable users to edit tags, create new photos or change styles.
  • Enable users editing for specific photos only.
  • Add an edit button to the top of photos.
  • Disable FotoTag functionality without deleting photos.

Important Notes


  • WordPress 3+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • jQuery 1.4+


FotoTag might not work on photos which has other JavaScript code that interacts with it, like photos in a JavaScript slider.